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The ProVari by ProVape is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage mod made in the USA. The ProVari is a regulated output device, meaning that regardless of the battery life, each hit will be the exact same every time. ProVape employees nothing but the best materials and most advanced “chip” technology in each and every single one of their devices, with each unit undergoing quality control to ensure proper function and durability. The ProVari features a digital display and a single button that allows you to easily navigate the menu. The output can be adjusted between 2.9volts and 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments, allowing for the fine-tuned adjustment that will suit all vapers. The ProVari is available in the full sized version that supports 18490 batteries, and the “Mini” version which supports 18350 batteries. Extender caps are also available for purchase to accommodate batteries “the next size up.” The ProVari by ProVape is made with quality parts and employees the most advanced variable technology on the market today, and the result is an extremely durable and consistent mod that will last you for years to come.

Origin: USA

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ProVari Black, ProVari Mini Black, ProVari Mini Silver, ProVari Silver


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